14. How to Change Your Emotional State, A Conversation with Dr. Randy Cale

We all get caught — sometimes stuck — in emotions that are not so pleasant to experience. Being in charge of one’s own emotional state, and therefore one’s own happiness, is perhaps the greatest therapeutic gift. Yet techniques for changing one’s emotional state are only taught by a minority of psychologists and psychotherapists. In this episode, Dr. Randy Cale and Dr. Richard Gillett discuss cutting-edge techniques for changing an emotional state that you don’t want, into one that you do! Randy is an author and clinical psychologist who is unafraid to travel new ground or challenge old paradigms. He trained with Richard Bandler, co-originator of Neuro-Linguistic Programming.  He’s a family systems therapist, a cognitive behavioral therapist, a breathing technique specialist, and he gives optimal performance training through the new science of neurofeedback. In this episode, Randy speaks of the crucial ability that we can all develop: greater  mastery over the state of feeling we would like to live in. 

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