15. The Liberating Power of Curiosity

Great leaps forward in human understanding—from medicine to motor vehicles, from molecular structure to the motion of planets—have occurred as the result of people’s curiosity. We all have this SuperPower of Curiosity, Dr. Gillett says — it is an innate feature of being human: the drive to discover; the quest to question why until we reach a satisfying answer or a deeper question; a key to learning with joy. But sometimes we lose touch with this natural ability. This episode shows us how to shine the light of our curiosity on our own patterns of thinking, liberating us from limiting mental boundaries, in order to gain an expanded, and more joyous, sense of understanding.  The episode is excerpted from Dr. Richard Gillett’s #1 bestselling book:  It’s a Freakin’ Mess:  How to Thrive in Divisive Times.


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