16. The Relief of Seeing the Bigger Picture

Sometimes we listen to the news and feel really upset, overwhelmed perhaps with a helpless “oh no!” Maybe we’re angry or disappointed that the outcome we wished for did not happen. This podcast episode is about re-focusing on the bigger picture — how it helps our state of mind to widen our lenses and observe a broader perspective. How will the setback that I perceive today pan out in 20 years?  Or 50 years?  To achieve this perspective, this episode contains a remarkable new exercise called “Time Travel”.  It’s a way of looking back from a future dream we aspire to — and it creates a greater chance of that dream manifesting. The episode is excerpted from Dr. Richard Gillett’s #1 bestselling book:  It’s a Freakin’ Mess:  How to Thrive in Divisive Times.


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